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Re: Aaton Logging Problems

>I have a job with the following specs:  Super 16mm  with 4 to 5 different
>camera rolls spliced together to form one lab roll.  I need to make flex
>files and identiffy each camera roll with keycode & timecode.  Doesn't seem
>that difficult.  The film does not have aatoncode so I am using slate & g
>mode.  The way I do this is start the lab roll with zero time code at the
>first punch hole for my first edit with the TLC.  Before I do my first edit I
>activate the catch keycode mode and catch the correct keykode. 

The problem you encounter is induced by the operational mix of two 
different uses of the slate & G mode (see V6.0 user manual, tutorial 
section, Keycode only transfer).

- either you transfer in catch mode and let the Keylink detect all 
  Keycode discontinuities and later construct the FLeX list from its
  own detected breaks,  
  (this is the favorite unattended best-light Keycode transfer mode)

- or you transfer in catch mode entering the G points yourself, either 
  on the fly or stopping the telecine (including on the head punch), 
  knowing that Keylink will use YOUR activated discontinuities to 
  construct the FLeX list.  
  If you fail to enter any other Gs than the first one, the list manager 
  considers there is one take only and spreads the most relevant keycode 
  to the whole rolls!  Hence the huge jumps in the FLeX, but not in the
  windows nor 3Line VITC which are dead accurate.  (You should verify).

To be fair, you are not the first to fall in this 'in between two modes' 
trap*, that is why we are introducing (V6.01 available Dec 20) the
'Keycode/G1' transfer mode.  
You will run into the first take to Catch the keycode, shuttle back to 
head punch, enter a one and only G, make it an A frame, and let the 
telecine transfer to the end of the many rolls; all auto-detected keycode 
discontinuities will appear in the FLeX list.

If you want to save these transfers you can read the 3Line VITC 
('the' white horse, always present I hope), it carries dead accurate 
Keycode data.

* I know of Santa Monica and Madrid people feeling themselves less 
  lonesome, I am sure they are reading this mail with a big smile!

Pascale Geraci

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