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Re: Aaaaaaaaton,GOD HELP US

In a message dated 12/13/96 1:47:19 AM, Steven Thomas writes (after a round
of Aaton-bashing):

>Down here we have opted to the old "editron" or "edit controller" type
>for our sync and have 100% accuracy & great efficiency without the head
>and frustrations.

So, this "editron" will read and log keycode, and generate reliable Flex
files?  Cool!  Where do I get one? And what is it, exactly?

))For weeks now,there seems to be constant procrastinating about the
encountered by Aaton users.((

Only difficulty I read about hear was a simple fix for saving the room delay.
 What "difficulties" are you referring to?  I am very curious... as I am
getting ready to buy a Keylink.

Jeff Kreines