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RE: Monitor Sizing -- HOW???

monitor markers can only be relative to the monitor ,surely.i would feel much 
happier with a separate sag referenced.pandora's is the best i've seen 
yet.where's that serial version of it?

From: 	optimus3 at ix.netcom.com
Sent: 	12 December 1996 06:02
To: 	Telecine at sun.alegria.com
Subject: 	Monitor Sizing  --  HOW???

I really didn't get all the answers that I had hoped to with my 
last question about monitor sizing... Let me ask it a little

For those who say they are using 5% overscan,  HOW are you accomplishing
it?  The Sony Evergreen monitor I have on demo here
has only 80% 90% and 100% markers built in. 
If it is set up for 5% overscan, and there is no 95% marker, and safe
action is set for 10% overscan (if brought to edges)
HOW DO YOU SET UP FOR 5% OVERSCAN? Doing it by "eye"?  How do you know
it is not 7% or 2%???   It is the How I'm most interested in.  I would
assume that if a signal had 5% markers, I'd set it to the edges of the
monitor, and then I'd know for certain I'd have 5% overscan.  
Please respond...

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