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Logging problems

Original problem

>I have a job with the following specs:  Super 16mm  with 4 to 5 different
>camera rolls spliced together to form one lab roll.  I need to make flex
>files and identify each camera roll with keycode & timecode.  Doesn't seem
>that difficult.  The film does not have aatoncode so I am using slate & g
>mode.  The way I do this is start the lab roll with zero time code at the
>first punch hole for my first edit with the TLC.  Before I do my first edit
>activate the catch keycode mode and catch the correct keycode. 

One side note:  I am transferring to Beta SP with a visual timecode and
keycode burn ins.  The burn in numbers on the recorded tape are correct when
I do the G mode as I have described.  It was only after I printed a list and
saw my second event logged way late that I discovered a problem.  I then went
back view
the lists of prior lab rolls in list management and discovered the list

Aaton Response:
  <or you transfer in catch mode entering the G points yourself, either 
  < on the fly or stopping the telecine (including on the head punch), 
  <knowing that Keylink will use YOUR activated discontinuities to 
  <construct the FLeX list.>

Using the slate & g mode as described above is how Iím doing this job.  At
the start of the lab roll I catch the keycode then roll the telecine back to
the beginning punch mark and enter a G for the start of the event.  This
event is the first punch on the lab roll and has a zero keycode number as
well as zero hour timecode.  
Everytime I reread  the manual as well as reread your message about entering
for the G key I find that I am doing everything correctly according to Aaton
specifications.  I have also found that my first event is sometimes logged
late as well.  

For instance on the roll I did today with 1 hr timecode at the beginning of
the lab roll was logged as 01:02:15:25.  The keycode and timecode were
correct at 01:02:15:25 but it was supposed to be logged at 01:00:00:00. the
following 3 camera rolls that were spliced on to this lab roll were wrong as
well.  Each event was late in the list.  The amount of time the event was
late in the list varies.  No set pattern. 
After discussing this with other colorists and hearing that some have
experienced similar type problems with version 6.0   
After I used the list editor to scroll the list back to the 01:00:00:00, only
then was my list the way I planned it to be, timecode & keycode entry at the
beginning of a lab roll.  The succeeding camera rolls, within a lab roll, I
understand the next camera punch hole may or may not be a A frame.  Iím not
asking for the punch hole, Iím asking for a logged event based on where the
colorist makes a G event.  It can be the next A frame on or after my G entry.

<To be fair, you are not the first to fall in this 'in between two modes' 
<trap*, that is why we are introducing (V6.01 available Dec 20) the
<Keycode/G1' transfer mode.

I fail to see the reasoning that Iím am falling ďin between two modesĒ.  What
two modes?  I am staying in the Slate and G mode.  I am manually activating
the catch keycode mode, and after the Aaton catches the keycode I roll the
film back and select the G key at the place where I select the event to take
place. All Iím asking is the event log the event on the next available A
frame closest to the selected G event.  What Iím getting is the event is
being logged anywhere from 2 to 9 minutes late.  That is just not acceptable.

It  sounds like a bug in the software.  The display screen shows the events
being entered at the correct location, so for the longest time I was
ďtrustingĒ the list to be logged correctly.  With these type results I can
not trust the Aaton to log the information at the correct location by using
the G key.

The other way you describe is letting the Keylinker detect the keycode breaks
automatically and then build a flex file from keycode breaks that Keylinker
detected.  Answer me this.  If I canít trust the Keylinker to log correctly
by using the slate and G mode, when and where I tell the Keylinker to log the
information, how do you expect me to trust the Keylinker to detect keycode
breaks automatically and make accurate lists when I canít see a list being
built?   I want to be able to know that list being made is correct.  
After being burned by this ďbugĒ I am very leery of trusting the Keylinker.
 I am now writing the timecode info down on the lab supplied keycode sheet
for every lab roll by viewing the tape after laydown.  

Late in the day on Friday I tried a slightly different way of selecting the G
key.  I still stopped the telecine between rolls.  Manually activated the
keycode catch mode to catch the keycode for the new camera roll.  Next I used
the TLC to do the edit.  I then used the foot pedal GPI switch to log a entry
after the edit.  For the two camera rolls I logged with this technique, both
log entries were correct.  I will continue to try this method to see if this
helps my problem.    

On your new software release will the G mode work as described by Aaton?  I
want to be able to determine where the event is logged.  It doesnít have to
be the new punch hole for the second, third or fourth camera roll on a lab
roll, because it may or may not be a A frame.  Am I asking too much from the
I just want it to be within a few frames of where I selected it to be, not 9
minutes later.  Will this work because it does not work even 25% of the time
How do we get the new software??

Bob Sliga
Henninger Baltimore