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Re: Logging problems

>From:        Bob Sliga, HennBalt at aol.com
>To:          aaton.jp at alpes-n
>CC:          telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com

> ...del...  I am transferring to Beta SP with a visual timecode and
> keycode burn ins.  The burn in numbers on the recorded tape are correct 
> when I do the G mode as I have described.  ...del ... 
> I then went back view the lists of prior lab rolls in list management 
> and discovered the list problems. 
> ... more deletia ...
> Next I used the TLC to do the edit.  I then used the foot pedal GPI 
> switch to log a entry after the edit.  For the two camera rolls I logged 
> with this technique, both log entries were correct.  I will continue 
> to try this method to see if this helps my problem.    

Dear Bob,
It is embarrassing for us to be forced by your TiG CCed mails 
to bore 600 people, and consume so much alegria bandwidth.
Having the plazza major looking at us trying to pin-point our/your 
problems is a most uncomfortable situation.
Your company is paying for hot-line service: why not start with it? 

Nevertheless we carefully read your description and found that:
- keycode reading is not the question, since keycode
  timing of the burn-in windows is accurate.
- database construction is not the problem, since you got good results 
  when you geared up the TLC to control both VTR and TK.

General Rule when you have the least file management question:
- Either make a print-out of the AatonBase file in which the problem lies
  (not the FLeX, not the ATN, the genuine AatonBase) and fax us
  the print-out. (fax + [33] 4 7651 3491)
- Or, even better: copy the AatonBase of your film on a floppy (type [B])
  and put the FILES repertory in an e-mail** enclosure: 
  Compress files: none
  Encoding: UUencode, Base64 or Binhex (whichever AOL lets you do).
As you know, AatonBase is the keeper of ALL events occurring during 
a transfer; everything you do is stored there.  It will take us less than 
five minutes to decipher it and understand what happened.  Five minutes 
against three days of TiG harassment, that's a bargain!


Jean-Pierre Beauviala

PS for Rob: my apologies for our misuse of your server power.

Aaton                    ** support at aaton.com                www.aaton.com