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Re: Aaton Keylink

>Received:    12/11/96 18:33
>From:        Christopher Bacon/DuArt, KA2IQB at aol.com
>To:          telecine internet group, telecine at sun.alegria.com
>We've been experiencing the same thing with two of the most recent 
>releases of Keylink software (5.21 and 6.0).  It seems as though you 
>can set the room delay, and everything appears to work properly until 
>you exit. The setting isn't saved on exiting, so when you 
>(or the next colorist) starts the next job, the room delay is back 
>to zero again.

Keylink software v6.00 (like the former v5.21), was handling a maximum 
length of 5 frames for the 'static storage delay' parameter.

Those using the new and 'longer' noise reducers (e.g. DigitalVision) 
should download the 9 frame storing v6.00f version.

Please contact  support at aaton.com  to receive downloading instructions.

Aaton                                                        www.aaton.com