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And yet an unstoppable quantity of flex-files

I appreciate the wide variety of flex-file related solutions or 
questions that have sprung up recently but I have found the vast 
majortity of them to be more academic to me than practical.  It seems a 
majority of people out there (or at least here in this arena) are using 
the Aaton code and related software which I'm sure is great but I'm not, 
nor at this immediate moment could be using or purchasing.  If anybody 
has practical experience with the automation of flex files using the 
Evertz system I would like to here more about it.  Due to funky 
copyright laws ( from what little I understand on the issue) TLC's are 
not a system that can be used by the Bosch.  The ASTEC has been a great 
windfall for us as a telecine/edit controller but perhaps through our 
own ignorance has not yet worked as I would ideally have it for a quick 
and efficeint list generator.  I'm sure it will be when the system 
reaches its final polished development. In the meantime we've got the 
bulk of the evertz system including the ability to GPI on the computer 
off the 4025 but still not getting satisfactory results.  More often 
than not I still have some poor tape op typing out pages of code for 
scene and take.  Maybe the new version of the program will fascilitate 
greater control.  I am interested in seeing the Aaton system in 
operation if anybody in the San Francisco area is equipped with this and 
will be willing to show off the advantages of or methods of operation.  
I know how wierd people get about that so I'm not expecting anything.  
In closure in my first letter I said something half as joke relating to 
real experience in trying to find out a solution for file incompatibilty 
between certain platforms and found a world of dead ends.  In no way 
have I found the manufacturers of Evertz or ASTEC to be nonforthcoming 
in assistance when asked.  Maybe the solution does not immediately 
present itself but they are always helpfull.  Enough ranting, One last 
thing, Somebody mentioned a block for the Quadra's (maybe it was in 
their case the SPIRTS) floating roller.  This makes so much sense about 
little strange offset variations we occasionally get, I for some reason 
do not still have that message but I would like to hear more.  Thanks 
for bearing with and remember the sky does not always have to be blue.

Skot Kuiper