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Cards seem to be in high demand or debate but I have to admit I have 
once again missed the original point.  Who wants the information and 
what do they plan to do with it.  I'm more than happy to outline our 
approach to telecine for comparison but I'm not quite sure from all the 
RE: messages who the individual is I'm supposed to respond to. As a side 
I'm curious about the relative percentage of those using ranks as 
opposed to the Bosch.  I've used Ranks as a client and now operate the 
Bosch Quadra (which I have to admit coming from the engineering support 
side here as well they seem to be a dream to maintain comparitively) I 
assume if you fry your tube on the Rank you can't just leave it in the 
closet for a week and hope it heals itself like an old studio camera.
I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question but does anybody have 
any thoughts on JVC's DIGITAL S?  I never really liked SVHS but this has 
me intrigued.  Mainly on the idea that technology has surpased the 
capability of the human eye with 4:2:2 and just how much further is it 
really necessary to go?  Maybe now insead of the mad race for sharper 
and sharper image they can center around improving the existing methods? 
Make it more affordable, even universally available for arts / education
  Probably not.

seen stocked on colorists shelf, super X-tra strength visine and 3-D