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RE: Martin parsons-Monitor Sizing -- HOW

martin , we now also have one eyeheight (maybe two) yes they are good. they 
are only one of three manufacturers with serial in/out."in my opinion" the 
miles is a nightmare to use(in between resetting). the new pandora ser. sag 
sounds good in that you can measure aspect ratios, lines, microsecs.etc.can 
you do that in the eyeheight? Last conversation with Pandora Martin g. 
suggested that 5% markers would be pretty easy to add in, though, i cant 
understand why anyone would want to work like that when there is an equally 
subjective safe area spec.i also like the idea of the "pub" (pandora utility 
box) or the crown and two

From: 	Martin Parsons
Sent: 	17 December 1996 12:28
Subject: 	Re: Monitor Sizing  --  HOW

We now use a company called Eyeheight which manufactures a range of smart
boxes at very reasonable prices.