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identification request

I have received a few complaints that subscribers are posting to this
mailinglist not identifying themselves and their affiliations.

I'm not sure if this is a case of the poster not realizing he or she
is not identifiable, or if there is intent to remain anonymous, but I
have two suggestions:

1) Anyone wishing their comments to be regarded seriously needs to
identify themselves-- anonymous posts are likely to be ignored;

2) Anyone who reads a message posted 'anonymously' need only disregard
and delete it.


BAOL (before AOL) the existing convention, somewhat validated by
RFC822, was that the 'realname' be prepended on the 'From:' headerline
containing the internet address.  This was a nice feature, but when
the great unwashed masses at AOL arrived, they not only could remain
anonymous, they could change their addresses at will, anytime.

The Unix (and by extension internet) community had an additional
convention, that a 'signature' file (also called a '.sig') be appended
to every mail, and many still use this.

(sr. colorist Pacific Ocean Post)

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