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Re: Re: Victim of a public scho

Once upon a time...there was a King who paraded around in his 35mm 
clothes and all the people exclaimed how beautiful.  Then a designer sold 
him garments made of 4:2:2 cloth, and
all the people exclaimed how beautiful, except for one little child who 
whispered to his mother.
Then the King was presented with 4:4:4 robes and again every but the 
child exclaimed how
beautiful.  Lastly the King donned  8:8:8 garments and this time the 
child could be heard proclaiming..."Mother, the King has no clothes on!" 

As the designers where being led to the guillotine, they begged for the 
King to wait for their High Def coverings; but he was to busy reaching 
for his randomly accessible, high definition 35mm old robes to cover 
himself once again.