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Re: unstoppable quantity of flex-files

Dec/17/96, you wrote:
> It seems a 
> majority of people out there (or at least here in this arena) are using 
> the Aaton code and related software which I'm sure is great but I'm not, 
> nor at this immediate moment could be using or purchasing.

Hello Skot,
Your reference to people 'using the Aaton code and related software' 
is misleading.  I think these 'people out there' were talking about the 
Aaton Keylink as a telecine Keycode reader, windows inserter and
FLeX manager only.
They were not discussing about the *AatonCode* process, which is a 
'time of day' based system (from cameras to the editing suite), allowing 
automatic audio sync and a total eradication of the set-disturbing 
and film-wasting digi or ebonny slates.

I think the confusion is fueled by the Keylink(er) first appearence: in 
its early years ('85) it was in charge of AatonCode reading only. 
Since Keykode introduction ('89), Keylink is primarily used for its high
precision Keycode indexing into the video world too.

> Somebody mentioned a block for the Quadra's (maybe it was in 
> their case the SPIRTS) floating roller.  This makes so much sense about 
> little strange offset variations we occasionally get, I for some reason 
> do not still have that message but I would like to hear more. 

We sent you a copy of the 'flex files' note we put on the TIG Dec 9th.

Jean-Pierre Beauviala          jpb at aaton.com                 www.aaton.com