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Shading Cintel


You know, after working on a few URSA Golds now, I've noticed that the
idea of a perfectly shaded Rank is still just an idea. I'll grant you
that things are a lot better than the Mark IIIC days of yore, but flat
shading and day to day stability is still a struggle.

My gripe is that on all Golds that I have worked on, #80,100, and 124,
have all had shading errors being exhibited as vertical bands, magenta
on the left, green on the right. Am I the only button pushing squid that
has noticed this? Is anyone working on a cure? With CCD technology
offering guaranteed flat shading isnt this issue becoming more

On a second note, I've observed through the years that most toy spots
are done around the Xmas holiday. However, they are not for broadcast
through the Xmas season, but for the toy fair conference in January of
the next year. Just plain weird.


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