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Re: Who did it on What?

Robert Lovejoy wrote:
> Jan asked:
> > I'd like to know who did the film transfer for Independance Day, and on
>      You know, I've often seen some wonderful transfer work and
> wondered who with what, but never thought seriously of asking here.
> It's like I felt it would somehow be inappropriate, but I've always
> wanted to ask a question like that.
> Robert Lovejoy

Hi guys,

You know, we colorists do some great work out there(hence, the "Big
Bucks"). It goes back to the "old days" when it seemed less than
professional or whatever to talk about your work, or something your
colleagues did. It always seemed like you looked at a "piece" for
analysis not for "Hey, man this is really good!!" I worked with Jim
Henson for three consecutive days and I would have loved to get his
autograph. Didn't do it 'cause you just didn't do that.
As someone who was one of the first colorists to get screen credits,I
think more appreciation and importance should be drawn to the craft and
art of color correction. I know ITA does there thing and that's great.
Hey Rob, maybe there should be an accompanying award to the "NERDIE".
Maybe, an open forum like, hey did anyone see this or that "spot" or
"piece". We get four or five candidates and vote on them, right here.

Bruce W. Goldstein<metsfan14 at earthlink.net>