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Re: Who did it on What?

>>Date:	Mon, 23 Dec 1996 08:44:47 +0000
>			>I'd like to know who did the film transfer for 
>Independance Day, and on

A great source for those questions is a magazine I subscribe to called
Widescreen Review. You can probable find it at good bookstores or magazine
stands. Their number is 888-WSR SUBS or e-mail at WSRGary at aol.com.

In addition to articles on Home Theatre, they've run a series on 
film-to-tape transfers. They also review the latest laserdisc releases and 
when available list the colorist and facility. For example,the last issue I
have here shows Lou Levinson, MCI/MEI as the colorist for Twister; Tom 
Nottingham, Complete Post for Broken Arrow; and Bryan McMahan, Sunset Post 
for Sabrina.
ID4 will probably be in the next issue.
 I have no interest in Widescreen Review other than I read it and would like 
to see it continue to be published.

CB Gaines
Monaco Video