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re: Shading Cintel

Bob Festa writes,

> Am I the only button pushing squid that
>has noticed this? Is anyone working on a cure? With CCD technology
>offering guaranteed flat shading isnt this issue becoming more

There is considerable dialog on this subject in the TIG archieves going back
two or more years.  The solutions and ideas submitted are well known.
Unfortunately these most fall short of the mark to ultimate flat shading in
the Ursa/Gold.  

Some shading errors are, in fact, film based and temporary manual shading is
appropriate.  But manual shading doesn't solve the optical shading problem
in the machine itself.  For instance, there is no way to permanantly apply a
shading correction "footprint" as part of gate memories, i.e. along with
gate to gate scan alignments, at least not that I've found.  Not enough RAM
space, I'm told.  

In the two or more years of discussion, (with regard to Ursa/Gold,) has
Cintel posted a single public comment, solution or position on this issue?

Now all of a sudden, there is talk of a "low-cost" solution refered to as
"Diamond set in Gold".  Evidently an upgrade.  Until I see something viable
from Cintel or others, I'll continue to make-do using manual shading (if I
can wait the 5 miniutes it takes to initiate), and crank great-looking
pictures from it.   
I wonder though, if my Gold could feel, what it feels like standing shoulder
to shoulder with my Spirit.  Slightly nervous?