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re: Shading Cintel

On Dec 30,  6:58, Dean Humphus wrote:
} Subject: re: Shading Cintel

> There is considerable dialog on this subject in the TIG archieves going back
> two or more years.  The solutions and ideas submitted are well known.
> Unfortunately these most fall short of the mark to ultimate flat shading in
> the Ursa/Gold.  

Dean, I don't think the subject has been discussed that much.  

> In the two or more years of discussion, (with regard to Ursa/Gold,) has
> Cintel posted a single public comment, solution or position on this issue?

Cintel has only been monitoring the group for about the past 10
mnonths, and I don't think the subject has been discussed all that

> Now all of a sudden, there is talk of a "low-cost" solution refered to as
> "Diamond set in Gold".  Evidently an upgrade.  Until I see something viable

I'm more interested, for the moment, in Kodak's TeleShade filter, and
would like a report on its efficacy.

> I wonder though, if my Gold could feel, what it feels like standing shoulder
> to shoulder with my Spirit.  Slightly nervous?

Not as nervous as the financial people will be when they look at the
Spirit's amortization...  ;-)


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