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The following question was asked in the Cinematography mailing list and I 
wondered if anyone here can help, I know that slightly de-focusing TK can 
help but do you have any other advice?

While transfering a commercial I shot  for a computer company  in the
Silicon Valley,  I came upon something I had never seen before, and I
was wondering if any one else had had this "problem" either.

The commercial had to do with computer  screen icons,   macro shots in
particular. In telecine, we would get off color highlights in various
areas on the monitor,  we were able to compensate and remove these odd
colored areas  in the telecine, but the colorist said this was  a common
problem with screens when photographed with macro lenses, and what I was
seeing was rather minor.  We never had the problem on the full screen
shots,  just the close ups.  

The explaintion I was given had to do with computer monitors having an
odd color bursting pattern,  some times you would see it, and sometimes
you wouldn't.  Very technical.   Just for your knowledge, I  shot off
both ibm platforms and mac platforms, encountering the same "problems"
on both.

Since that time,  I've beening looking closely at all computer screen
commercials (only the ones shot off the screen, not the  ones which
employ direct video to film transfer) and have seen the same troubles on
a few notible commercials, the America Online is a good example.  On a
few of the shots, you will see a slight discoloration in the whites, as
well as a bit of "morrea-ing" in the medium close ups.


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