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Re: computer screen icons

12/31/96 Geoff Boyle wrote:
> In telecine, we would get off color highlights in various
> areas on the monitor,  we were able to compensate and remove these odd
> colored areas  in the telecine, but the colorist said this was  a common
> problem with screens when photographed with macro lenses, and what I was
> seeing was rather minor.  We never had the problem on the full screen
> shots, just the close ups.  

If you shoot say a 768 line 75 Hz Mac full screen, considering the loss 
of definition all along the screen-to-film chain, your 500/600 active 
lines telecine 'sampler' will see the film image of that PC monitor 
screen as a continuous structure (thus no artifacts).
Whereas if you shoot close ups with a macro lens, your film image 
perfectly records the coarse computer screen structure in which the 
telecine sampler will later not only 'see' the lines but the phosphor 
triads too: a piecemeal for 'beats' and artifacts of all sorts.

If you want to film a computer screen icon, I suggest the following 
(I just tried that for you five minutes ago):
On the very computer you are shooting at, make a 1x1" 'Screen Grab' 
of the desired icon, you will get a PICT file of around 12 Kbytes. 
Open it with Photoshop (I hope the kind of clients you work with have 
that software in their computers), and blow it up 4 to 8 times using 
the Photoshop magnifier.
Since the icon is now an 8 x 10" poster you can film it through your 
standard lens with no risk at all to see your colorist 
beating against color beats!


Jean-Pierre Beauviala          jpb at aaton.com                 www.aaton.com