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Re: T.I. Micromirror tech

Some news which reached me just before Christmas which may be of interest
to others.

As you are probably aware, the TI Micromirror technology was being
integrated into real-world projectors by Rank Brimar, the same people that
made telecine tubes. When the Rank Organisation decided to sell off its
manufacturing companies it first split Rank Brimar in two. The CRT business
is now called just Brimar, and was part of the same purchase as Cintel, by
the merchant bank Schroder Ventures.

The projector business was renamed Digital Projection Limited, and for a
long while its future was very uncertain. The 20 December announcement was
that the company's management had successfully bought the company from
Rank, and it will continue as before. I think that is good news: they have
put a lot of effort and time (an awful lot of time) into this, and they
deserve to see it reach the market.

DPL is not admitting to e-mail or Web sites just yet, but the US contact is
Peter Nicholas on 805 294 3134, or the factory is +44 161 681 6500: Mike
Blackburn is marketing.

Dick Hobbs

PS Happy new year everyone - may all your gates stay clean in 1997.