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archives in the new year, etc.

With the advent of a new year, I have some work to do on the archived
messages from the illustrious contributors to this mailinglist of ours.

I wish it were possible to have all the archives, from this group's
beginning to the present, in one huge database, but at the moment it's
not practical-- web access times and memory (even with 64mb on the
server!) what they are-- so I must split the archives into separate
years-worth of messages (though 1994 fits nicely into 1995 and becomes
1994-5).  So 1997 starts a fresh archive index on the webpage.

1996 saw 2,145 messages of a total 2.826 MB for the telecine
mailinglist pass through the server.  That compares with 1,697
messages and 1.9 MB from June 1994 through December 1995.

News of two projects:

1) I have to drop the development of the database of subscriber
names/addresses/information... building it is a lot of work, but
maintaining it is even more.  For now the 'rough' list
(non-alphabetized) still exists on the webpage and will be updated
occasionally.  Thanks to Steve Darsey for his help in this project.

2) While talking on the phone with Bill Hogan the other day it
occurred to me that it might be interesting to have an historic
'timeline' feature on the webpage that traces the important events in
telecine-time.  Bill promised to fax me his information which came
originally from Neil Kempt.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of
input from some sources on this.. perhaps I can get someone (Dave
Tosh?) to contribute some of the html formatting of this document.

3) 1996 saw the inauguration of a 'commercial' version of this
mailinglist, 'telecine-announce'.  Several people have already
unsubscribed from this list ;-) ...but so far it seems like a good
outlet for the necessary marketing announcements.  

regards & Happy New Year everyone

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