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info request

'Danny' is asking for quite a bit of information... we'll see if
anyone has a day or two extra time on their hands ;-) in your replies
please ensure they are sent to the address at compuserve-- not to me,
thank you.


--- Forwarded mail from Danny <100071.175 at CompuServe.COM>

I am preparing  small paper on film and video issues for a local college.
This is obviously the place to ask...

Aside from the basics, I would much appreciate information on any or all of the
following topics, both pro and con, for both mediums. Information with "hard"
numbers such as waveform, MTF, gygabytes,or whatever else would be extremely
Any reccomendations of new books on these subjects would also be appreciated.

-Storage/longetivity/Archival (film libraries vs servers)
-Compression ratios and compatibility between formats
-Film transfers/video aquisition (Telecine & digital vs video from the start) 

-Digital broadcasting (any compatibility issues?)
-Digital projection/S16 projection technology

-What differences in budjeting 
-What shooting ratios do you reccommend/accept

-Field production equipment (how much do you bring along for documentaries, or
for drama, both for camera and lights)
-Availability of accessories
-Rental costs/purchase costs

Please reply directly to me as I beleive this is somewhat out of the scope of
this mailing list:
Compuserve: Danny,100071,175

Thank you in advance.

--- End of forwarded message from Danny <100071.175 at CompuServe.COM>

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