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Re: Evertz Keylog vs TLC logging

In message <32d3d805.3054442 at mailhost.worldnet.att.net>,
KaySievert at worldnet.att.net writes
>I heard that many facilities are using the TLC to log dailies and I
>was wondering about this procedure.
>Given the choice, I would rather use keylog than the TLC for logging,
>although there are still some features I would like to see Evertz to
>put into their software - like programmable macros to speed up some
>operations (hi, Alan..).

We like Keylog but like Kay we are looking forward to receiving some new
software features.   Most urgently the facility to log and display feet
and frames as well as key numbers. (Happy new year Alan....).   Is it
only in the UK that editors want both keys and F&F. ?    It also gets
grumpy when changing between PAL and NTSC productions.    Perhaps we are
not feeding it properly or making it work to hard.

Best wishes
Peter Watson