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RE: Evertz Keylog vs TLC logging


Hello Kay,
Randy Coonfield here.  I think that you need to work with the TLC a little bit 
longer to make an accurate evaluation. While awaiting the construction of a 
new, Keylink fitted room at Matchframe, I have been using the TLC to build 
Flex files. I find that the TLC is actually very user friendly and reliable. I 
am especially impressed with the way scene and take info can be entered at any 
time and edited with equal ease. I also find that the TLC is more likely to 
register an accurate key number than the 4025, even though they are both using 
the same reader. Our 4025 still needs an occasional 'centering' to correct one 
frame errors, a simple task which if forgotten results in bad data. Of course 
since the 4025 and 8025 are needed in addition to the TLC for burning windows 
and VITC, this effects the performance of the entire system.
  Another thing I like about using the TLC is that normal editing functions 
which are performed when doing transfers are incorporated in the process. When 
an edit point is marked, the event is created. This saves me key strokes, 
which saves me time.
  I would like to add that I find the Keylog system to be better than ever. 
Most of the problems I used to experience have been corrected, and once a 
rhythm has been established in the session the extra steps don't seem so 
bothersome. When a client requests a Keylog file instead of Flex I am happy to 
go about logging on the Keylog system.
   Both of these systems are really quite good. Unfortunately, I don't think 
they are even close to being as efficient and reliable, and they offer only a 
fraction of the features of the Keylink. Counting footage and frame separately 
from Keycode and offering multiple options when loading to floppy are only a 
couple of examples. 
   One thing still makes any of these systems work best: good operators. I 
think this is the most important feature any system can have.