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Re: Evertz Keylog vs TLC logging

On Wed, 8 Jan 97 02:41:48 +0000, you wrote:

>Hello Kay,
>Randy Coonfield here.  I think that you need to work with the TLC a =
little bit=20
>longer to make an accurate evaluation. While awaiting the construction =
of a=20
>new, Keylink fitted room at Matchframe, I have been using the TLC to =
>Flex files. I find that the TLC is actually very user friendly and =
reliable. I=20
>am especially impressed with the way scene and take info can be entered =
at any=20
>time and edited with equal ease. I also find that the TLC is more likely=
>register an accurate key number than the 4025, even though they are both=
>the same reader. Our 4025 still needs an occasional 'centering' to =
correct one=20
>frame errors, a simple task which if forgotten results in bad data. Of =

I don't have this problem  at  all. The 4025 in my room is 99.9 % keycode
accurate. That of course requires a well calibrated setup.

>since the 4025 and 8025 are needed in addition to the TLC for burning =
>and VITC, this effects the performance of the entire system.
>  Another thing I like about using the TLC is that normal editing =
>which are performed when doing transfers are incorporated in the =
process. When=20
>an edit point is marked, the event is created. This saves me key =
>which saves me time.

Hitting the GPI trigger button on the Keylog? This way I can, at least
most of the time, avoid overlaps by terminating an event prior to a
"record out". In my experience, editor's don't like "dirty" list's to

>  I would like to add that I find the Keylog system to be better than =

The keylog software is still laking some very important features in my
opinion, like error checking and macro functions to speed up

>Most of the problems I used to experience have been corrected, and once =
>rhythm has been established in the session the extra steps don't seem so=
>bothersome. When a client requests a Keylog file instead of Flex I am =
happy to=20
>go about logging on the Keylog system.
>   Both of these systems are really quite good. Unfortunately, I don't =
>they are even close to being as efficient and reliable, and they offer =
only a=20
>fraction of the features of the Keylink. Counting footage and frame =
>from Keycode and offering multiple options when loading to floppy are =
only a=20
>couple of examples.=20

Especially when your name is on the intro screen. Pushing the Aaton
again, Randy?

>   One thing still makes any of these systems work best: good operators.=
>think this is the most important feature any system can have.

Sounds good, but what is that supposed to mean - too many unqualified
colorist out there in your opinion?

>                                                                        =

- Kay.