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Re: 3/4" dailies without windows and curtains

> I recently transferred dailies onto 3/4" where the editorial requested
>a database but didn't want any window burn-ins.
> I doubt the usefulness of this procedure since there is no way of
> verifying the integrity of a database generated this way.
> No way of checking for A-frame edit's or successful compensation for
> frame delay's and no way of editing the database are the results of
> this.
> Seem's to me that some editors out there are a little to careless
>about frame accurate edit list's and I don't think that neg. cutter's
> are going to like that.
> Hey, I have Adobe Premier installed at home - can I call myself an
> editor as well?  8^)
 - Kay.

The best way I know of giving the editor what they may want, and satisfying
all of your other worry's, is to request from your post house, that they
simply burn in the
SMPTE 3-line standard into vitc. It works. You get a clean copy with just the
letterbox. You can then use the afterburner to make a dub with window's for
whom ever may request it. The 3-line standard consist of 1) Timecode 2)
2) Production code, meaning audio timecode.

Hope this helps,