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Re: Cintel Shading & auto al

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Sorry for the response delay.  We have been using high output CRT's in our
URSAs for quite some time.  We were the Beta site for Tube Enhancement's URSA
crt which had about 1.8x more light output than the Brimar crt of the same
vintage and now are using one of the new high light output Brimars which is
similarly higher in output.  Initially we had trouble with the Blue PMT
saturating and causing bad auto align.  To fix this we replaced the Blue PMT
with the same type used in the Red and Green sensors -- no more overload and
signal to noise is good. (note; the Scintillation type PMT's Cintel had been
using in the Blue channel are not quieter than the standard R and G sensors,
only more sensitive).  With other changes we have made we now have quieter
Blue than Red with negative film although both are very good.  Next week TWiGi
goes in so S/N should improve even further.
Dave Corbitt

On 12/26/96 11:03 AM
Paul Chapman <paulrc at earthlink.net> wrote

On a similiar subject, what are people doing to auto-align at 300uA
especially with the latest 'high output' CRTs? Are filters being used?
Or are you happy with the results of aligning at 150?