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RE: Evertz Keylog vs TLC logging

 It is true that I love the Keylink dearly. However, my name has not appeared 
on the system for several years due to the large number
of contributers over the years. I was one of the first users of the 
Keylink as well as Keylog. I just happened to work on the Keylink
more because that is what my employer supplied me with. I am
not guaranteed the luxury of a Keylink any more than you are,
because we don't buy the systems, we just run them. I recall that
just last year you told this group how much you wish your room
was Keylink equipped, didn't you? Anyway, did you know that some 
of your suggestions have been incorporated in the Keylink? 
  I am certain that with a digital interface the Keylog system
will be greatly improved. And I look forward to using it.
  You mentioned that your 4025 was 99.9% accurate. When I
said that mine required occasional correction, I was commenting 
on a similar level of reliability. For our clients who request transfers
without windows this could pose a real problem if not caught in telecine.     
I will not be happy until 100% reliability is reached. It is that type of
demands which make the manufacturers keep trying harder, and
Keylink is proof of how much can be accomplished when the users
play a huge part in the development of a system.
  Let's keep the pressure on all of the suppliers to keep producing
better systems. It works.
  Happy logging,