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It's 1997 and I need to ask all vendor/manufacturers who are involved
in the telecine internet group to consider renewing their supporting
membership in the TIG by sending a contribution for the year, either
now/soon or no later than the anniversary of their first contribution.

I hope to be able to have the vendor/manufacturers underwrite this
group completely, so that individuals will not have to send
contributions at all, we'll see how it works out; a parallel goal is
not to have the group's dialog be consumed by crass boosterism or
untoward hucksterism (i.e. enough contributions and I won't bring it
up again).

Because contributions came in throughout 1996, it's possible (read
likely) that less than one year has passed since any particular
company's last contribution... if I had more time I'd implement some
sort of accounting structure that would send out a reminder one year
after your first contribution, but...  all I have at the moment, which
is public record, is the webpage section that does give contribution
date: 'http://www.alegria.com/telecine/donors.html'.

Of course any vendor/manufacturer who contributed late in 1996 is not
expected to renew this quickly, and I'm very grateful to all who
contributed to the group in 1996.

Costs are detailed on the webpage at


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