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NAB thoughts

it's 90 days or so to NAB and I'll soon again be composing a telecine
internet group focus sheet, that will distill wisdom of the
'important' new products, as discussed here, for those whose time at
the show is limited.  After the show, an online debriefing/debunking
such as we did in 1996...

So we don't become consumed with marketing talk, I ask that any
vendor/manufacturer who wishes to advise/trumpet a product please do
so on the commercial mailinglist "telecine-announce at alegria.com" to
which most of this group (the main TIG) is subscribed.  Private email
to me or to other list subscribers is of course another way to coerce
us into discussing your product...

Those individuals *not with a vendor/manufacturer* who want to talk
about an important new product here are welcome to, and if they like 
they may disclaim their interest as I am about to do.

Beginning the list of possible new products/enhancements/news for 1997 NAB:

Kodak TeleShade 
Options: RTS/pin combo gate 
Diamond (? from Cintel)
Possible significant price reduction from BTS for the Spirit (this is
	a rumor --I have no real information)
I have no interest or commercial arrangement with any of the above


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