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Re: 3/4" dailies without windows and curtains

Subj:	Re: 3/4" dailies without windows and curtains
Date:	97-01-08 17:49:42 EST
From:	JKreines at aol.com
Resent-from:	telecine at sun.alegria.com
To:	telecine at sun.alegria.com

In a message dated 1/8/97 2:28:42 AM, Terry wrote:

>The best way I know of giving the editor what they may want, and satisfying
>all of your other worry's, is to request from your post house, that they
>simply burn in the
>SMPTE 3-line standard into vitc. It works. You get a clean copy with just
>letterbox. You can then use the afterburner to make a dub with window's for
>whom ever may request it. The 3-line standard consist of 1) Timecode 2)
>2) Production code, meaning audio timecode.

>The one unfortunate disadvantage to VITC is that most nonlinear systems
>discard any info stored in the blanking to conserve space.  If only this
>information remained tied to every video frame (and I don't mean through a
>database, but simply by keeping a few lines of the interval with the frame)
>life would be a lot simpler!  Is the Avid Media Reader working yet?  It
>3-line VITC and creates a file from it....

>Jeff "sync this!" Kreines


The Astec reads the Smpte 3-line standard. It is not without it's growing
pains, but as accurate as the operator. So you still have to check everything
that one has to do now. It takes the pain out of having to tie up another
machine. In turn that means we have one less tape during the sessions to jog
and check. That means savings to the company, and the client. Yes, with
accurate VITC which generates the windows on any requested off line
cassettes, I would suppose on a non-linear editing system not supporting
VITC, then the add trk, and the visible tc and keykode info burned in could
be called the Bible. All of the info comes from the same place. Of course it
is still the data base that logs all of the other info, cam #,
slate #, etc.