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Re: 3/4" dailies without windows and curtains

>The one unfortunate disadvantage to VITC is that most nonlinear systems
>discard any info stored in the blanking to conserve space.  . . .
>Is the Avid Media Reader working yet?  It reads
>3-line VITC and creates a file from it....
>Jeff "sync this!" Kreines

The Lightworks Heavyworks system is supposed to read 3-line VITC real soon now.

I have been working with the Avid Media Recorder and Media Reader and it is
working pretty good (although there is an un-explained 1 frame offset at
present.) This is beta software and is expected to be tweaked up before

I use the Evertz Afterburner extensively to check accuracy of digitizing
cassettes (with or without windows) and the 3-line VITC is a lifesaver and
works quite well (even the 3-perf 35mm format.)

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood