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Keylog vs TLC

Hellow all:

I'm currently an Assistant Editor, but not to long ago I was a key logger at
a Post house in Toronto.  I feel that the Evertz Keylog system is alot
better than the TLC.  I find the Keylog system to be more user friendly than
the TLC, and from my knowlege the TLC will not tell you if your Keycode
broke(i.e. missising frame or different roll) where as the Keylog will stop
and tell you that the Keycode broke.  Although I would like to see some
upgrades made to the Keylog system like everyone else macro keys, and being
able to change the video tape reel number.

As an Lightworks Assistnat Editor I rather the Post house use the Evertz
Keyloger over the TLC because the logging program for the
Lightworks(LWA-Lightworks Assistant) Will only accept FLT or OSC/R files not
Flex, and I trust the numbers from the Keylogger.  There are programs to
convert Flex to FTL but I have never done this because I've always been able
to have a FTL file, but it would also be nice to see Lightworks upgrade the
LWA program to accept all file types.(Hellow everyone at Grass Vally).

In conclusion, Randy Coonfield said it best.  "You need good operators".
They must be trained properly and understand the workings of Keycode.  I
can't tell you how many times I've seen operators who know what keys to hit
on the keyboard, but not why there doing it.

Mark Arcieri
1st Assistant Picture Editor, "Black Harbour"
Hubbards, Nova Scotia