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FW: 3/4" dailies without windows and curtains

>In a message dated 1/8/97 2:28:42 AM, Terry wrote:
>>The best way I know of giving the editor what they may want, and satisfying
>>all of your other worry's, is to request from your post house, that they
>>simply burn in the
>>SMPTE 3-line standard into vitc. It works. You get a clean copy with just
>>letterbox. You can then use the afterburner to make a dub with window's for
>>whom ever may request it. The 3-line standard consist of 1) Timecode 2)
>>2) Production code, meaning audio timecode.
>The 3 - line VITC standard is based on the Evertz 4025 2-line VITC
>format (which has one line for timecodes, and one line for KeyKode).
>When I refer to 'line' I really mean the line and its redundant paired
>A couple of years ago, I met with several industry representatives to
>identify the additional requirements that were not being fulfilled by
>2-line VITC.  These features were designed into the 3-line VITC
>standard.  The 3 line VITC is a block of 3 lines, the first containing
>VTR timecode. The second containing film information such as KeyKode,
>pulldown, film type, transfer rate, etc. The third line has production
>timecode information (typically production audio timecode with either
>date/camera id or camera roll info in the user bits.  I have been
>active over the past year on the SMPTE Working Group on Time and
>Control Code in making this an industry standard. The current status is
>that it has been recently balloted to the committee as a Recommended
>The current version software of the 4025 generates 3-line VITC, and the
>current version Afterburner is used to recover it and make burn ins, as
>many have mentioned.  The beauty of 3-line VITC is that all the
>information needed to accurately decode it is right in the code, so the
>readers auto detect film type, etc.  
>Jeff Kreines wrote:
>>Is the Avid Media Reader working yet?  It reads3-line VITC and creates
>>a file from it....
>Yes the AVID Media Reader is reading 3-line VITC with the latest
>firmware.  Evertz developed the Media Reader for AVID and we released
>3-line firmware a while ago.  I believe AVID have now released their
>system software that supports the new firmware for both the Media
>Recorder and Media/Film composers.  
>I believe that Lightworks will support reading 3-line VITC also in the
>near future in released version software.
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