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Re: flex-files (ongoing)

> .... here at Du Art, four of our units are running 5.21 and one is 
> running 6.0   My earlier comments were not meant to be derogatory, 
> bit instead were intended to be constructive and for the benefit of 
> the group. Specifically I would desire the following changes 
> to the Keylink:
>1. To be able to edit on the fly (while recording a take) event data 
>(scene/take/cr/sr/text) without the virtual slate getting keyed into the 
>burn-in output of the Aaton.
Keylink v.6.01c (now v.6.02) allows for scene/take/cr/sr/text 
on the fly entries, and you can independanly select the channels
(analog only, digital only, or both, or none) for the VirtualSlates.

>2. More flexibility to be able to remove/edit erroneously recorded events 
>such as might occur when grabbing data on the fly.
The v.6.00 BorderMover fulfills this need (see v.6.00 manual section =

>3. A better translation of the manual. In many cases it seems that the 
> intent of many of the features of the Aaton only barely come across and 
> are explained inadequately.  Forgive me, for I do not mean to offend 
> your sensibilities regarding language.
I hope the editorial efforts we put into the v.6.02 manual will be =

>4. It seems to be a major Achilles heel that if there is an error in the 
> collection of data, that it is not apparent to the operator until you 
> have completed an edit (for instance after a 33 minute flat of 16mm) 
> and gone back to review your data.
Is it that I am not native english, but I can't see where you are =

>5. There could be much more flexibility with the ergonomics of your 
> visual interface by hiding many of the parameters Config window. 
Agreed. v.6.4 (thanks to the 32bit O/S introduced with the current =
will beneficiate of a much more powerful graphic library. But =
that one of the Keylink claims-to-fame is that colorists can =
check the transfer environment, be it telecine phasing 
or VTR Ltc misbehaviors.  We will not abandon that feature for 
the sake of fashionable pull-down menus.
>6. Allow the user to specify the duration and increment of the event 
>timeline, according to their preference.
Good idea, we will implement this request. 

>7. I think the visual interface would be easier to navigate if it more 
> closely reflected the progression of events in a typical setting.
Sure, do you know Keylink already asks for a quarter of the time it =
to set other comparable systems?  But make suggestions, Keylink being =
ubiquitous software-driven hardware-specific machine, we could be 
quick to take care of them.

>8. How about the automatic disabling of the parity window when switching 
> from a 24fps transfer to a 30fps transfer and vise versa.
OK, that is a 1 minute software engineer work, or vice versa.

>9. I would like to be able to have a selection of sorting options 
> in the Titles view.
v.6.01c already added alpha sorting to descending time, do you really =
some other sorting criteria, such as colorist's name or box-office =

>10. Call me a knit picker, but the Geneva typeface might give the 
> interface a more =B3modern=B2 appearance.
You are quite right! ANY other font than our dull DOS-inherited font 
would be better. Do you know that Geneva was an Apple imitation (no =
profits hey) of the Adrian Frutiger's genuine Helvetica font?  
v.6.4 will make you happy, at least on this topic.

>11. Despite the fact that you mention the requirement to come out of and 
> re-enter the data capture window at the completion of each flat, perhaps 
> it would be helpful to operators if you explained why this is necessary. =
> Do I suspect correctly that it is to reset the Aatons=B9 framing =
YES! (see v.6.00 user manual section s7.11a).
> And if so, should this be done after each new flat is loaded?  On non =
> collection jobs, where just burn-ins are being provided, I suspect that 
> many operators do not bother to go out of and come back into the data 
> capture window.
This takes 7 sec, not even the time to slam your telecine doors...
Whereas your client requires a transfer list or not, our =
is to ever EVER record the AatonBase of the film transfer and leave =
dormant in the Keylink hard-disk. AatonBase is so compact it will not 
devore your disk space, and in case something goes wrong you have a =
(like an aircraft black box) which gives the Aaton hotline engineers 
the possibility to instantly reverse-engineer what happened on your =

>12. It would be more meaningful...(del).. (U, I, O) variation options.
Are you a foreteller? that is the v.6.01c screen!

>13. It would be great for printing if we could consolidate a selection of 
> files ...
v.6.00 does that for a year now, this is called File Merging. 
(see v.6.00 ASCII lists in s10.7b)

You know, I am now pretty sure you don't have the proper v.6.00 =
on hand. Since you are a MacIntosh addict, you surely have Acrobat-
reader and a color printer at home, so please download the PDF 
compressed v.6.02 manual.
It features L-Frutiger and Garamond fonts, lot of color pictures...
and it is composed on a Macintosh ;-)


Jean-Pierre Beauviala          jpb at aaton.com                 =