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New Product Introduction

New noise reduction system from Philips BTS

Philips BTS is introducing a totally new noise reducer design to replace =
its MNR range of products.
The product is called the VS4 *Video Sweetener* and is available in a =
variety of configurations to meet many applications. Features include :

* 4:2:2 or 4:4:4:4 configurations available.
* Improved Recursive, Median and Transversal noise filters
* Fully automatic film adaptive operation ( 3:2 pull down detection)
* Vastly improved dirt and scratch filters including improved vertical =
scratch concealment
* Optional MPEG pre filter for compression applications
* Split architecture design - noise reduction before external secondary =
color processor and contours after
* Supported by DaVinci and Pandora color correctors / controllers
* Optional GUI interface for stand alone operation
* Set scratch, dirt and some noise reduction filters in still frame mode =
* Multiple Split screens for before and after comparisons
* Various internal test patters - including sawtooth, color bars and =
* New contour corrector design with user definable chroma area isolation.
* Small physical footprint - 3 rack units total

Product is available now, please contact your local Philips BTS sales rep =
or distributor for more information and pricing.

Steve Russell
Marketing Manager
Philips BTS =20