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Re: flex-files, Keylink new v6.02

>This looking like a good dialogue.
Hello Tim, 
give me another day to write a documented answer to your latest 
TIG published remarks.

In order not to occupy Rob's lines about a product 
which -- in a way-- no longer exists, can you and your peers 
first download* v.6.02 and work with it on your v.6.00 Keylink.
*< http://www.alpes-net.fr/aaton/klv602.html > 

It would be more fun for all TIGoers to hear about a product flaws, 
and for you to build your wish list, if you (and we) were talking about 
the current version.

Thank you for your suggestions.
Jean-Pierre Beauviala          jpb at aaton.com                 www.aaton.com