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RE: flex-files (ongoing)

 I would have to agree that Tim has the wrong manual on hand. I also
think that Tim's very complete list of wishes points out how
difficult the Keylink is to master, which is far beyond the normal
level of operation. Most of the items Tim asks for are currently available
in the system, if you know how to find them. 
 Tim, you are obviously an experienced Keylink user who would benefit
from a better manual. Hopefully, the 6.02 manual currently available will
be the answer to this need.( It certainly is big enough!)                      
               Please continue to ask for the features you need so that Aaton 
will          continue to improveThe Keylink.  6.02 is an example of how users 
shape this system.   I have never seen so much improvement in one 
release of software prior to 6.02, and I urge everyone to get it ASAP. 
  Happy logging....