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Charlie Hull wrote:

>Has anybody any comments to make re the reliability,user-friendliness,control
>panels or any other info on BTS VENUS.I`m interested in serial video,AES
>audio,machine control & timecode handling and input from users would be


The "CP" control panels you ask about are about as close to arcane as you
can get while still functioning.  That is to say, BTS/Philips could do a lot
toward improving the panel friendliness.  

The database that contains all the config tables is a very rude, crude
spreadsheet-like app that is cumbersome.  It should be ported to Excel or
the like for a truly friendly experience.  The tables themselves contain,
amoung other things, what BTS calls "Sequencing", that most people refer to
as salvos.  They fall way short of a real salvo, especially for larger

If you are going for panels, go with the 8-character nmemonic panels and
don't forget the expansion panel combos.   Also be aware that some panels
limit the number of catagories you can create.  Don't short yourself.   

User operation of the panels takes some getting used to.  It's easy to blow
some poor soul of the air inadvertantly.

For shear signal performance, the Venus is no better or worse that any
other, e.g. Grass Valley SMS 7000.  The signal frame architecture is on high
density PWB's that are difficult to troubleshoot and adjust (i.e. analog
video sweeping).  There apparently is no extender board available, although
BTS claims to make them.  But again, the systems is fairly reliable, as are
most routing switchers.

My suggestion is to write your own user interface (in Windows e.g.) and
control over a LAN or
RS 422.  Config maintenance is done over a LAN, by the way, using Windows NT.

Good Luck
Dean Humphus