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RE: flex-files (ongoing)

   In response to my own note I would like to add
that Tim is obviously one of the most important
contributers this group has on the subject of data
logging, with more systems than just the Keylink.
His comments on the TLC system were right on the
mark also.  I hope everyone pays close attention to
Tim's postings, because there is so much to learn
from someone with such knowledge.
   In my original note I commented that Tim's list
of wishes pointed out how difficult the Keylink is to master.
This was not to imply that Tim had not mastered the system,
more to point out that the system has so many features
that only constant updates to the manuals and regular
experimentation by the users will result in optimum performance.
   If my comments were offensive, I apologize. I read my note this
morning and felt this was needed to avoid being misunderstood.
  Again I add:  If you do not have the 6.02 yet, get it soon. WOW!