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Digital Technicolor

	I would like to tell you about an interesting project that is about to
be finished.
	A few months ago L.Kopp (director) and D.Colin (DP) came to Duboi, they
wanted to get the "technicolor look" on their film they had just shot. They
wanted high contrast, blue shades, gold skin tones, dark reds etc... they first
thought of scanning half of the movie (45mns) on our Genesis and grade it in 2k
using our SGI stuff. We told them that this would take months or years and with
an uncertain result, so we proposed to work in HDTV. We did some tests to show
them that it was a good compromise, we recorded a few frames from a FLH 1000 on
D6, then D6 on hexabyte, then recorded on 35mm. The result was so convincing
that they decided to do the whole movie this way. So, we went to Channel Four
for primary grading, the tricky thing was that I had to anticipate the
secondary grading that was done a few days later (at Scanners HD in Nottingham
UK) tape to tape using two D6 and a Digital Vision HD color corrector, but that
was fun! And Ornella Mutti has beautiful eyes... Then we recorded the 100mns on
DIR 1000 Sony data recorder through a DVS ram recorder at Duboi, then go on
35mm with Solitaires. Now we get very excited when the next 120m roll comes
back from the lab.
	We knew from the beginning that a full RGB 2k scan would have given
better results in theory but HD is a good compromise, the important is "do you
like what you see on the screen", you have an acceptable resolution and REAL
TIME color grading that gives a look you can't get with lab color timing.
However it is impressing to see what you can get from a 422 8 bits 1250x1920
picture in theater!
	This movie is called "Mordburo" and will be shown at Imagina in Monaco
(19th to 21st of Feb).
	About a similar subject: has anybody seen Lars Von Trier's "Breaking
the Waves"? The whole movie was graded on an Ursa at Laboratoires Eclair then
film recorded, from what I was told (I haven't seen it yet) it has an
interesting look as well.
	I would like to take this opportunity to thank very much BTS,
especially R.Chaloube, who helped a lot with the Mordburo project, and also
Mike of Channel Four and Johan of Scanners HD.

	Best Regards.

	Jean-Clement Soret