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CBS high def test

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The following is in the Jan. 13 issue of Broadcasting & Cable:

<<<CBS has performed a high-definition TV "taste test" at its Studio Center
in Los Angeles, using four different cameras--16mm, Super-16, 35mm, and
high-definition--to shoot footage of Seinfeld, which is produced at the CBS
facility, and of two female models.  CBS transferred all the footage to
high-definition tape and edited it together, then had technical observers
view the footage without knowing which format they were watching.  "Super-16
looked like home  movies, with a lot of noise and dirt presence," says CBS
engineering VP Bob Seidel. "But the high-definition camera and the 35mm were
almost indistinguishable--the high definition actually had a little better
resolution than the 35mm."  CBS will present a paper on the test at NAB

I have quite a few questions about this test--was anyone out there involved
with it?   Was it double or single blind?    Who transferred the footage
using what equipment?  As a colorist working in a market that is mostly 16mm,
I was troubled by Seidel's remark that the 16mm looked like "home
movies."---unless someone really trashed the film, it appears to be an
overstatement.    There's a lot more 16mm being aired than most network execs
realize---Wonder Years,  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Homicide, National
Geographic Television to name a very few.   I have seen Kodak demonstrations
of 16mm transferred to HD, and feel that 16mm more than holds its own in this
arena----as long as it's kept clean!   

Jim ( Colorist, Colorlab Rockville MD.)

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