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Re: CBS high def test

On Jan 16,  4:06am, Dick Hobbs wrote:
> Subject: CBS high def test
> I also find it hard to believe that "the high-definition camera and the
> 35mm were almost indistinguishable--the high definition actually had a
> little better resolution than the 35mm". If you cannot tell the difference
> between 35mm film and any video source - however good - then there is
> something horribly wrong in the telecine. The chemistry of 35mm film offers
> about 4,000 pixels per line, which is a whole lot better than any high
> definition camera I know.

	I am sure the resolution of a 625 Digital Beta Camera is at least as
good as 35mm on an Ursa, but nobody really cares about this, people want to
shoot with what will give them creative possibilities and get the "right look".
I am pretty sure it is the same in HD.