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Re: CBS high def test

>From a message dated 97-01-16 00:17:16 EST:

<< Super-16 looked like home  movies, with a lot of noise and dirt presence,"

I'd just like to toss this into the arena.  We've been doing blow-ups from
Super 16 to 35 mm for some years now (the process is common in many other
labs as well), and the results we obtain are generally quite good.  Even in
situations where blown-up elements are cut into material that was originally
shot on 35 mm, it's usually pretty difficult to tell what started out on S-16
from what was always 35.  Even when the stuff is projected on the big screen
in a theater.

"Noise and dirt" on any piece of film suggests improper and/or careless
handling, unless they were special effects being created for some purpose.
 Could it be that the Super 16 in the CBS high def test looked like home
movies because it was done by amateurs? ;-)

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Video