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Re: CBS high def test

In a message dated 1/16/97 8:02:56 PM, Chris Bacon wrote:

> We've been doing blow-ups from
>Super 16 to 35 mm for some years now (the process is common in many other
>labs as well), and the results we obtain are generally quite good.  Even in
>situations where blown-up elements are cut into material that was originally
>shot on 35 mm, it's usually pretty difficult to tell what started out on
>from what was always 35.  Even when the stuff is projected on the big screen
>in a theater.

DuArt does wonderful blowups.  Even 15+ years ago, when stocks weren't at all
what they are now, the DuArt S16 vs. 35mm test was impressive.  They built a
dual camera mount and shot the same stuff with a S16 Aaton and a Panaflex,
and intercut them...  screening it on film.  Given that it is hard to
differentiate on a large screen, I find it a little puzzling to think that
CBS people saw such a huge difference on a small screen.  How was the stock
exposed?  How was it processed?  Was everything identical?

My feeling is that 16mm will have a bigger presence in TV, and that those
who'd rather spend money on stuff like HDTV cameras will push to have less
stuff shot on film and more on video.

After all, then they get to buy more gear and have more control...

Jeff Kreines