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Mike Post wrote:
>>Shooting and transferring at higher frame rates gets you closer to a
>>"look" the higher you go. Personally, I absolutely hate the look of
>30FPS film, and certainly don't consider its "look" an improvement.

Personally I prefer 24FPS too - but TV engineers seem to have a different
idea of what they consider is good.
The point is more that on film you can have a choice on 'the look' - and
that you can do it so easily if required.  SUPER 16 can look like an old
home movie if shot badly on grainy stock at 16FPS or make it look like HDTV
video plus at 60FPS.

>>...as expensive as the Spirit. I have one question as to the
>>implementation of this grand new HDTV world: Who's gonna pay for all this

It has never been any different, pioneers of technology pay the higher
price and the followers pick it up cheaper once it's established!
SONY here launch the DIGITAL BETACAM DVW700 camera here at a list price of
$130,000. When they were laughed out of town and no one used it the street
price dropped to about 75,000 - the same list as their BVW 400 - now
they've got a few users!  It still looks like tape.

I'm sure in the telecine race, CINTEl aren't going to sit around on their hands!


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