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Re: CBS high def test

On Jan 17,  1:44pm, C. Bradley Hunt wrote:
> Subject: Re: CBS high def test
 you need to avoid high-speed
> stocks. Eastman 7245(EI 50), 7248(EI 100) and even 7293 (EI 200) make
> quite acceptable pictures in HD when tranferred on a high-quality HD
> telecine. But the high speed stocks, like Eastman 7298 (EI 500), are
> unacceptable for grain and sharpness in HD.

	This is one of the problems I had on "Mordburo" (Digital technicolor)
even though it was shot on 35mm, since I had no noise reducer I had to be
careful not to push contrast to much on some scenes shot on 98 or some others
underexposed, and avoid aperture correction.

	Jean-Clement Soret