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Re; HDTV & S16, 35mm

Dear All,

Re;  John Bowring posted;

>While there's no doubt that HDTV video origination will be great for live
>sport and game shows, it still currently has serious disadvantages as a
>film replacement  - that will take a long time to over come.

Whilst the subjective viewing of 35, S16 and HDTV may indicate that
S16 is an adequate source for conversion to HDTV is it not of more 
importance that original electronic sourcing is constricting and finite?

Dick Hobbs neatly outlined the current resolution of 35mm, while
others have commented on the mediums unique suitability to 
convey emotions and stories and both viewpoints would seem 
to indicate that for any long term use 35mm cannot be bettered. There
is no reason to assume that electronic sourcing will not be improved
upon but it is also unlikely  that  film chemistry will stand still.
The consideration of various film and tape formats is always going 
to be part of a larger cost / benefit equation the bottom line of which
is dependent on how much the consumer is willing to invest in new
technology rather than the industry professionals. 

In the UK it is now possible to buy a 28" or 32" 16x9 TV for around
800 and, with the projected cost of set top decoders set at around
400, it is very likely that most households will be investing in the 
forthcoming Digital Transmission Technology.  This will bring the 
immediate benefits of improved picture quality, multi channel
availability and an unprecedented level of viewer interaction. Most 
households though will expect this investment to last for five to ten
years, ie a lot longer than we expect to write down the capital cost
of new equipment.

They are also expected to be busy updating domestic tape formats 
to DVD etc,etc so there is not a lot of hope for the large scale purchase
of HiDef domestic sets as, wether based on awkward CRT's or some
new technology such as DMD projection, they are going to be a lot
more expensive than the 625 /525 equivalents.

Where then is the future going to lie for HDTV?  With little chance of 
a rapid, and therefore cost reducing, uptake in the consumer market
and with a constricted archival ability it would seem that, apart from one
or two specialized projects, it would not easily become the standard
production medium.  

Our current technologies, Spirit included, have not yet exhausted
the range of 35mm and it would seem very perverse for this industry
to embrace an acquisition medium that offered less.

Seamus O'Kane
VTR Ltd. London.