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Re: CBS high def test

C. Bradley Hunt wrote:
> Since I am no longer working for Kodak, I can tell you
> that I believe that the Spirit Datacine is probably the only HD 
> telecine which can accurately transfer the fullest quality of Super 16 
> film to HDTV. If CBS wants to get a true reading on what Super 16 film 
> can do on HDTV, I strongly recommend reshooting the test on fine-grain 
> color negative stock at 30 fps in a good S-16 camera 

>  on fine-grain color negative stock.
Don't you think it would be a good occasion to run tests with the new 
Kodak 7620 Primetime also?  This film specifically designed for telecine
transfer is said to offer a fine grain structure despite its awfully 
fast speed (640 ISO).  
The day there is a 200 ISO version of Primetime, I am sure Super16
will more than fulfill HDTV specs.

>  at 30 fps
As a film camera manufacturer we don't like 30fps, not only it makes 
cameras noisier, but it reduces magazine autonomy by 25% at a time 
filmmakers ask us to increase the lenght of our 400 foot magazines 
to 640' or even 800'.  
As a producer I would not fall in love either, considering the 25% 
cost increase on rawstock & processing, and the movie distribution
incompatibility of the 30fps proposition.

>  in a good S-16 camera
Guess what... the Aaton XTR is the only Super16-built camera which 
features a fixed lateral guide at the gate picture level to
reduce the lateral weave to zero. If someone needs one to shoot 
tests we will be happy to lend him one. (Contact support at aaton.com)

Is the other side of the hill sunnier?

Jean-Pierre Beauviala                                       www.aaton.com