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Re: CBS high def test

In a message dated 1/20/97 10:20:02 AM, JP wrote:

>Guess what... the Aaton XTR is the only Super16-built camera which 
>features a fixed lateral guide at the gate picture level to
>reduce the lateral weave to zero. 

Well, not exactly, as the Aaton LTR also shares this feature.  ;-)

I have never understood why the other currently manufactured S16 camera, the
Arri SR3, stuck with the fixed film channel concept.  This assumes that all
film stock is fresh from the manufacturers, hasn't shrunk, and was
manufactured perfectly to spec.  Most camera manufacturers (go back to
Auricon or earlier, solved this with one fixed edge guide and one
spring-loaded edge guide.  This is pretty simple stuff...  you can really see
lateral weave in _some_ SR footage.

30 fps is ugly, to me, and loses much of the film feel.  Unless you are
shooting for TV only and need to shoot a lot of NTSC monitors, I don't see a
reason to shoot at 30 fps.

Jeff "24 is plenty" Kreines